Former PhD Students of Prof. Dr. Marcel Prokopczuk

Dr. Tobias Lauter, 2023 (now: Leibniz University Hanover)

Dr. Christoph Würsig, 2022 (now: Wave Management AG, Germany)  

Dr. Björn Tharann, 2019 (now: Deloitte, Germany)

Dr. Duc Binh Benno Nguyen, 2018 (now: Mercedes-Benz Bank, Germany)

Dr. Sebastian Vicedom, 2016 (now: McKinsey, Germany)

Prof. Dr. Fabian Hollstein, 2015 (now: Chair for Quantitative Methods, Saarland University, Germany, Website)

Dr. Yingying Wu, 2014 (now: Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China)

Prof. Dr. Chardin Wese Simen, 2013 (now: University of Liverpool, UK, Website)

Dr. Lazaros Symeonidis, 2013 (now: University of Essex, UK)

Dr. Juan Arismendi, 2013 (now: Maynooth University, Ireland)