Financial Markets II: Advanced Derivatives

BWL III (Module Capital Market Theory)


General Information

The lecture "Capital Market Theory" deals with optimal decision theory in captial markets, the captial market equilibrium and captial market efficiency.

The lecture is in German. An accompanying exercise (1SWS) is offered.

Topics covered

1) Introduction to Capital Markets
2) Decision under Uncertainty
3) Basics of Portfoliotheory
4) Mean-Variance Analysis
5) Capital Asset Pricing Model
6) Market efficiency
7) Introduction to Derivatives


Bodie, Kane, Marcus: Investments, McGraw-Hill, recent edition

Copeland, Weston, Shastri: Financial Theory and Corporate Policy, Pearson, recent edition

Berk, deMarzo: Grundlagen der Finanzwirtschaft, Pearson, recent edition


This module is assessed with the lecture "Investments and Financing" at the end of the semester (60 minutes in total).

The exam is in multiple choice format.